Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Career Project

Paley start researching. Now.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Paley's a dick.

You're still a dick Paley.

@ Stupid verification message. Yeah, I was in the fucking restroom and some DICK wrote that. Completely not true. In fact, pretty much the opposite.

Hi Paley

Get off Blogger and do your Career Project. >:O

Saturday, April 18, 2009


DaJellyHoxx (8:57:39 PM): yeee. do wut tiffanyliu did cept better an w/namesXD
w a s u p y o35 (8:57:53 PM): xD
w a s u p y o35 (8:57:59 PM): so 5 people can read it?

I'm actually not in the mood for a rant, so hello 5 people that are going to read this.

w a s u p y o35 (9:00:39 PM): i dont feel like ranting
DaJellyHoxx (9:02:17 PM): haha, do it wen u feel lik it then:D

Also, burn in hell, few selected people. Kthx.


So spring break's almost over. Bummer.

Monday, April 6, 2009


w a s u p y o35 (10:50:22 PM): redoing my blog
w a s u p y o35 (10:50:27 PM): because apparently it isnt good enough
w a s u p y o35 (10:50:27 PM): >:O
sarahz94 (10:50:30 PM): YAAAAAAAY

No. >: You jerk.


w a s u p y o35 (10:36:12 PM): lo ciento.
sarahz94 (10:36:52 PM): AHAH IF YOU ARE SORRY,
sarahz94 (10:36:56 PM): YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO?!
w a s u p y o35 (10:37:08 PM): no. que?
sarahz94 (10:37:14 PM): WRITE
sarahz94 (10:37:14 PM): ON
sarahz94 (10:37:15 PM): YOUR
sarahz94 (10:37:16 PM): BLOG

Charles?! Back on his blog?! Yeah okay. I just owed you one Sarah, so here you go.

Yeah, don't expect anything else.